Sleepless Nights, Allergies won the fight.

I find myself burning from the inside…
I try to breath, but the flames dry out my tongue, and cripple my lungs,
like dry leaves.
“I deserve to be loved like I love”. I repeat this in my mind over and over,
but those flames don’t stop coming… Licking my skin into isolation…
But these flames keep reminding me…

We are alone on this brittle Earth -we all burn by ourselves,
No matter how much you give, despair burns in solitude, like one leaf floating on water.
When the end comes, and it is coming, only our present power can buy us some time. We are as strong as the present moment allows us to be…

Fighting an inevitable tide, one must ask the question, why can’t we embrace the flames? Let them burn away all the weight we carry, let them blister our skin until the white of our bones glows in perfect absence.
I fear solitude as little as I fear the air we breathe… We’re living in isolation, surrounded by a dream.


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