Elixir, The First.

Daily Prompt: Elixir

My dear elixir… We’re finally alone.

I open my mouth wide, and stick my fist into it. I grab onto my bottom right “wisdom” tooth. I start to twist, and immediately regret it. Every twist is like hundreds of nails scratching a blackboard resting on my teeth. Twist, screech, twist, blood, twist, and thump -my fingers slip, I punch the back of my throat with my thumb, and am thankful for my slow gag reflex; not that it would have made much of a difference, it’s been days since I last ate.

The tooth finally comes out of the implant. The Elixir is in my hand, just to be put back into my mouth..Ahh the irony, so close yet so far, has never been so real.

I pull the crown off the tooth, and reveal a small glass capsule… It’s filled with pure white powder, with a slight tint of yellow, like spring sunlight.

CRACK! My gums bleed from the protruding glass, but I can’t really tell.. My mouth is full of blood, and the smell of iron clogs my freshly broken nose.

It takes a second for the bitter taste of rotten almonds to speed across my jaw. I can feel my breathing hollowing, excess oxygen in my cells, I can feel my entire body blushing… Cyanide, my elixir, I’ve been yearning for your embrace.

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