Cusp, The Fifth


  • The verge of the unknown.
  •  The station between stations.
  •  The space between spaces.
  • The cliffs falling edge.

The cusp is an inexistent space.

Paradoxically enough, we spend our lives trying to reach that inbetween state. The moment of perfect harmony. When we believe to be at the cusp, do we have a choice? Are we aware of it? Or would it be perceived as just another step to take?

I strive to be at the cusp of my existence every day… Cusps don’t have to be 20 feet high waves threatening your physical integrity. Cusps can be any given point where you have the choice to go forth, or to remain where you were…

The tricky question is, once you reach that point (the cusp), and are aware of where you stand, can you fit back into the place you’re leaving behind?

We have power over few things, but we can choose on a daily basis, what the cusp means for us, and we can go from one to another, from one inbetween state, to another…

We are the space between spaces, and the cusps are lighthouses guiding our way.


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