Denial, The Sixth

Humans have no intrinsic value. We’re a commodity dying the moment we’re born, parasitic bipeds, sucking on MAMA TIERRA.

So my dear child, don’t let anyone tell you anything different. You are WORTHLESS… the faster you know this, the better for all of us (I really don’t care if you take it in or not).


I’m worthless… But don’t worry, so are you. You’re not even the space you believe you occupy, or the food you eat… And you’ll die being nothing but a small dot in the ever-expanding cosmos. You’re literally as important as a grain of sand resting on the Ocean’s floor.

If you were to have a mission in Life, it would be to experience as much as you can, that is the only true life. Squeeze everything you can from it and don’t dream of being something that you statistically will never become, immortal. Don’t go thinking of those guys chopping heads around, think more of those writers, those architects, those creators who forged their generations and left us with great quotes and painfully dull history lessons.

If for some reason you can’t experience life without getting caught in the maelstrom of dreams; another approach is to look at life as what it is, a big joke. We’re a glitch in the Universe that the Programmer decided to leave in and see what happens. Thats it, nothing more.

So my dear child, be the space between spaces, be the nothing that exists -only there can you find any meaning to this chaotic experience and not be destroyed by the expectations the World has of you.

You’re nothing, and you’re welcome, please don’t live in denial of this fact.



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