Tenacious, The Ninth


Buddy… You’ve been training all day! Congratulations, why don’t you go out with your friends and relax? You deserve it.

Seriously, get up and go out. You’ll feel a lot better.

Why not!? Surely your muscles are aching, and they need some rest, too. Look, if you go out, I promise I won’t drink, much. Just one.

OK, fine, I admit it will be more than one, but you remember how much fun we had last time?

What? What about the hangover? It’s just part of the deal, buddy…

Hey don’t blame me for your incapacity to hold your liquor and train. Maybe you should train that habit more, and hangovers won’t make you feel like a ‘sack of shit’…

Your words, not mine.

Ok, fine. Have it your way. If you don’t want to go out; can you at least shower?

Because you smell like a shared gym locker… And shave, or wax…

I don’t care.. but you’re kind of gross to look at right now.

Hey! Don’t get pissed cause I tell you how it is, someone must.


How’s that shower feeling?

Uuuhhh.. You went for the full shave… It’s been a while since I’ve seen you that-

No, I was going to say sensual, but pre-teen also works… That’ll teach you to check the right setting before you plunge down there.

It feels good to care for yourself, doesn’t it? To pamper yourself? To look in the mirror and be able to say, I look ho-

WHAT?! I’m not doing anything, buddy!

No, really… I’m serious, it’s nice to see you caring about your appearance and putting on moisturiser, and perfume.

Oh, you haven’t put perfume on? Maybe you should.

Who cares if you’ve run out of your favourite, open the other one. Nobodies going to know anyway.. Since we’re not going out.


You know you bought that outfit last year, and you’ve never bloody worn it! Why don’t you just put it on?

To have a laugh! That’s what for!

You know what? fuck it. You’re boring and are never going to amount to anything.

‘Cause you don’t know how to balance your life… You’re so obsessive and compulsive with your training; you don’t realise there’s more to life than that! And it’s imperative you learn to balance it!


An uncertain amount of time goes by in a feigned silence (sometimes it’s just minutes, sometimes it can be weeks)…. one party is all awareness…


What do you want now? What are you doing all dressed up with nowhere to go?

You want to go out?!? Like actually out, with other humans and that?

Ohh! I knew you’d come around eventually!!

I love you! You’re the best!


Tenacious is our ego as it seduces us away from our goals. We have to be more tenacious than our weaknesses.

We are in an ever flowing river, grasping to remain in place. Don’t give in, ever. The river leads to the Sea of Mediocrity where all the people whom weren’t tenacious enough, party and “enjoy” the mundane pleasures of life. Greatness can be achieved by being more tenacious than your desires.

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