Unravel, The Eleventh

The Penis Puzzle.

All men are born with puzzles for penises. The only way they can be Unravel, and therefore operational to their full capacity, is when the subject reaches an emotional, intellectual, cultural and spiritual maturity. Not until all that is met, can sexual maturity be fulfilled.

Many fake gurus claimed to know hacks to fastrack the process, others tried complicated chemical compounds leaving disastrous results in their wake. Some would literally tell you “Leave all your money behind, but give me the bank account details” and follow me on the journey to puzzle-lightment! We will reach it as one puzzle, as one only, big, multi racial and ethnical group! We will unravel and feel as we’re complete!” Charlatans, chemists, entrepreneurs… You name it! They’re all trying to find the answer.
It seems that men gravitate to the quick solution of the section they most lacked; A relatively well balanced man has no capacity to translate his emotions into words, or empathy just seems like a cute word on a coffee mug. he would surely look for shortcuts that would fall in the category of emotional intelligence. He would seek some sort of puzzle-psychologist who would tell him to conquer his fear of rejection, and to write in a diary what he felt, the psychologist would insist that this is the only way to assist him to reach sexual maturity faster, (and empty his wallet of money, and his heart of time)

The irony is that men who reach sexual maturity only when sexuality was no longer the goal. When they were satisfied with their lives, and were stable influencers in society, only then would the puzzle unravel itself, as if by magic, like the coin the tooth fairy would leave under your pillow…

But here comes the kicker… Once unraveled, you have the most important role a man could ever carry out; the continuation of a solid gene pool, free from misogyny, hate, insecurities, etc. Their lives become one of service, rather than of use.

And the role of women in all this? Well in this World, Women have a chance to enjoy their sexuality to the fullest, but if the match isn’t adequate, the child will never come.



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