Timely, The Thirteenth

Nothing happens without it. We think we can control it, that we can some how manage it… But it’s just not the case. Everything in the World happens in a Timely manner. In fact, it happens at the precise moment that it must happen, always. Without exceptions.

“Everything happens for a reason” is the most useless statement in the english vocabulary followed closely by, “what a coincidence”. Both of these phrases expose our irrational need to control the things that control us.

We don’t control time, we don’t make things happen in a timely manner, things happen whenever time dictates them to happen, and it’s up to us to adapt to its pesky ways.

Nothing is a coincidence, thinking that we control time is like thinking that gravity purposely pulls us to Earth. It just is. Any other justification to it is just us being scared shitless of the unknown, not knowing how to just let go and enjoy the ride.

I wish that I could in a timely manner forget anything to do with time. I wish I could forget my birthday (I’m working on it) so that I’m not attached to the social expectations that come with it -you’re nearly 30 sweetheart, your biological clock is ticking… Let it tick! At it’s own pace! Cause nothing else is going to be important and I would hate to lie in my death bed thinking that I spent my years worrying to be on time with life, when we all end up at the same place, at a time completely out of our control.


One thought on “Timely, The Thirteenth

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