Jolt, The Fifteenth


I was walking down the street, listening to music, singing just enough to hear myself, and hoping nobody walking passed could hear me too. Observing the floor attentively… Making sure I don’t step on any cracks or grids… I always take this street because it’s been recently repaved, and most cracks are gone.

The light just turned red for me, so I’m waiting at the zebra-crossing; humming to myself, looking around and enjoying the sun.

This old man’s impatience is stronger than his survival instinct, and he’s decides to beam  across, heading straight to me!

I’m forced to take a step back, but a pram catches my legs, terrified of falling on the baby, I spin to my left,  grasping the edge of the trash can,  barely keeping on my feet.

The mother scowls at me, the old man is nowhere to be seen… I look up to the sound of a giggle, and there they are…. Eyes with such intensity and brightness, as if they’d just been opened for the first time!

I stare into them, my hand still holding onto the trash can, and both my feet on a sewer grid.

Before I knew it, the light turned green, and by the time I recomposed myself, took my hand out of the trash, jumped off the grill, and span around three times; the eyes were gone.

The old man forced me out of my comfort, but those eyes jolted my heart with such violence and imprudence, that I see them everywhere I go. When the sky loses it’s haze, and it’s blue seems deep and never ending; When the sun skips behind the waves, and leaves a clear green haze… They’re in everything that is beautiful.


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