Yarn, The Twenty Despond


Find the yarn that weaves your life together, and pull on it. At first you’ll only grasp a strand, don’t worry… Enough strands will eventually build a yarn, and that’s where all possibilities begin.

It’s the smallest, most undividable textile element, in practical terms. Any smaller and it no longer can be anything but yarn; yet from yarn, we can create anything from a hankerchief, to a wedding gown, to a bullet proof vest.

So in your life, find that strand of passion and pull on it, allowing the magic of it to unravel around you. Let the chaos take over; loose the illusion of stability… Just keep pulling, and all will be well, even if it’s tough, or painful, or daunting… If you’ve found the yarn that weaves your World together, and you relentlessly keep on pulling; life will make the most exquisite tapestry out of it.

A tapestry must be shared, it’s a show, a display. It’s useless hiding in the dark. Share your tapestry with the World by stopping immediately from being the centre of it. Help others find their yarn. It’s not charity, it’s your moral obligation, just like being happy.




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