Control, The Twenty Fork


Control is an illusion forced over our eyes, by those with power. With the power we gave them, because we had no apparent choice.

That is the paradox of control.

Control is the result of fear, never of love. If you love something, you don’t feel the urge to control it, if you fear something, you want to domesticate it. No matter if thats an individual, or a nation.

Most of our free thoughts have already been planted by the Gods of Marketing. Do you really think that you were born with the mechanism that makes you feel good after buying a pair of new shoes? Do you think thats natural, and not done by design?

I used to date people, now I date profiles. People hide behind them, because they can control what is shown, and what isn’t…

I don’t have a profile, I barely have a gender; but maybe I’m just an extreme version of letting go of control.. Or maybe I’m too far down the rabbit hole to even know….

But I do know…. I know that it’s sick that my partner doesn’t want me to go out because they’re jealous of my friend, or of a stranger they’ve never met. I know that it’s sick that I need to give all my information to board a plane, when it’s been proven time and time again, that the TSA is a useless waste of space… But I do enjoy the groping.

The only thing I seem able to control, is to choose to let go of everything else. That seems like the only true thought that I have any power over. The rest, I just can’t trust the source any more. I have no idea if it’s love or marketing, that impulses my thoughts.



One thought on “Control, The Twenty Fork

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