Failure to fit in.

I tried so hard to fit in…

First: I straightened my hair. It wasn’t enough.

Second: I dyed my hair (burnt it in the process). It wasn’t enough.

Third: I sunbathed, and in the winter months, spent 39.99$ on a monthly tanning salon. (I would spray tan for parties, and events). It wasn’t enough.

Fourth: I went on a diet. It wasn’t enough.

Fifth: Still had a big ass. I started smoking. Still not enough.

Sixth: Went to the gym to lose weight. It wasn’t enough.

Seventh: Went to the gym to enhance my breasts. It wasn’t enough.

Eighth: Got my breasts augmented. It wasn’t enough.

Ninth: Went to the gym to increase my thigh gap. It wasn’t enough.

Tenth: Got my mons pubis reduced. It wasn’t enough.

Eleventh: Woman with big bums and curly hair are all the rave….

Fuck… I was that ten steps ago. I was enough.

No matter what the S.O.B is, you’ll always be chasing it.

You’re enough, just as you are. I hope it doesn’t take you as many steps as it took me…

Be you, By you… and don’t let fashion tell you otherwise.


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