None, The Twenty Filth


No one.

N One.

See where I’m going with this?

no one, none but one… None and one… Are the same thing.

We embark on a journey searching for the one and we find none… Because we were always the one. And when you want to get really geeky, N is the symbol for all numbers above zero to infinity.. Which means (in my planet) that Infinity is us, in as much as we’re none.

So infinity and none are the same. And since we’ve already established that None and One are the same, One and infinity is the same. Which means: We are infinity!! How cool is that?! (It’s probably not logically sound, but I like to believe it).

We are the One, and we’re infinity. We are none. And we’re All.

It’s hard to feel alone when the entire Universe dances inside of you. Try it, close your eyes and let the World dance inside of you… Let yourself dance around the World. You’re None… And you’re All.

And as I explore alternative meanings to N1… I found N1 means “nice one” which seems a perfect way to end.

Nice One.


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