Final, The Twenty Ninth


Nothing worth anything is eternal. Everything we hold of value, of true value, perishes…

Everything of value, has a final date, a final moment. The rest of things, are either illusions, or worthless.

Diamonds are eternal, and they’re just pretty rocks, that some people have decided to give a value, but they hold no intrinsic value.

Eternal love is an illusion, created to make us believe,  Hope is a good thing, and that we answer to someone higher than ourselves.

God is a myth. All thats eternal is fake or unattached to our existence. Those things that are not final, are elaborate excuses where we can shed our responsibilities, and find some sort of peace in thinking that we are not the owners of our destiny, and therefore, do not own our life.

To be final is a blessing, to be final, is to be alive. But I have a feeling the generations coming may disagree on this definition.


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