Collaboration, The Thirtieth


I used to live in a World full of collaborations. Now I split my time between the different folders where my personality has been compartmented -deleting as much as I can.

Us humans, we’re a community driven species. It doesn’t matter how large a crowd we decide to share our existence with, we always yearn for collaboration.

The politicians need the town; the town needs the politician (I’m not entirely sold on this concept, but the World seem to accept it). The alcoholic needs rescuing, just as much as the reformed alcoholic needs someone to rescue. The size of the elements involved doesn’t affect the mutual necessity. Collaborations are creations spawned from various elements working together on a mutual goal.

Collaborations transform the World on a daily basis, just look at how industries are intertwining with each other (think Elon Musk), and producing amazing advancements.

On a individual level, they give us purpose when balanced, and cause immense grief when not. One gives it all, like a flower it’s pollen, and the other rips off your petals, rather than make honey.

I used to be a part of a directing duo. My partner and I would create Worlds in our heads, and then, by some crazy way, we would convert those Worlds into movies. The most awe-striking moment was to watch the rendered project for the first time, and realise it wasn’t the concept either of us had initially envisioned. It was always superior. Collaborations allowed for our creativity to soar to heights unattainable as isolated individuals.

Or so I believed, until forced to go at it alone.

Solitude allows for another type of creative energy. It allows for us to fragment ourselves into small pieces. We search the collaboration between the various elements within ourselves.

It allows for us to take those folders where our personality resides and throw them all into the trash. You won’t be allowed to trash essential folders. A warning will pop up: “File cannot be deleted. File is essential for adequate running of your PC”. Those you need to keep, you keep (for now). All others get discarded.

Eventually, you learn to override the daunting warnings. Quite simply, if I fear letting go of a file, I know that when I do, I will have achieved a new level of understanding, impossible to reach had I not discarded it.

And in that void of space left behind, you become the space between the spaces. You become a single element in Collaboration with your experience, as you melt into that space.

So thank you Fear; your collaborations show me my purpose. and I understand that fear, is my best collaborator.




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