Precipice, The Thirty Curst


– Darling, let us keep going up this steep hill, with hope for better times ahead… Let us reach the sommet, that beautiful plain, with its green meadows, and tranquil streams…

– Darling, have I told you how much I love you? How safe I feel, knowing that we’re on our way to such a blissful place?

– Darling, I can’t wait to roam the land on horse back, soak in the sunset, while you prepare the fire.

– Darling, I know once we reach the top of this stubborn path, all will be well, and love will flourish.

It was at this point when an owl overheard this chatter and felt obliged to intercede:

“You there, yes you, the ones carrying luggage on your shoulders and teasing yourself by dangling your expectations in front of you, like a carrot on a stick… Let me tell you a thing about Love, and the meadow you yearn to reach… You won’t find love there, unless you bring it yourselves, and nobody that has love, goes to this meadow of yours.”

The couple weren’t sure what baffled them more; the talking owl, it’s head revolving like a spin-top, or the blasphemy it spewed.

“Shut your mouth” said the couple in perfect unison.

“It’s a bill… but anyway, shutting me up won’t stop it from being true. Do you know what you’re looking at?”

“A stupid talking owl, that knows nothing about love, or about us.”

“I know that you seek safety, because you live in fear. You’re terrified of the unknown, terrified of letting it all be how it must, terrified of the possibility of being alone.” said the owl as it flapped it’s wings and flew away. 

The couple, shaken but undeterred, kept it’s march up the hill with even more umph than before.

A short while later, and enough singalongs to make your teeth rot, they reached two men hanging from a precipice.

“Oh no!! What are you doing there?! Hold tight, we’ll help you back up!” said the couple.

“It’s fine, we’re fine right where we are” said one of the men clinging on the vertical wall…It would have been a spectacular picture, had it not been for the unstable nature of their structure. They each used one hand to hold onto the rocks, and used the spare, to hold eachothers hands.

“Please, for Love’s sake, just grab the rope, and we’ll bring you back to safety” said the hill-climbing couple.

The ones on the precipice smiled to each other, their hands tightened ever so slightly, and they gently replied: “And miss the spectacular sunset? Thank you, but this is by far the perfect spot.”




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