Imaginary, The Thirty Tilt.


‘Existing only in the imagination’… Nothing exists without our imaginations prior approval,

I met a guy at a wedding. He looked like a Sicilian mobster; Italian suit, perfect fit, sunglasses, fedora, I mean he had it all except the Tommy gun, and the accent.

We spoke for hours and in various settings. We got close, fast, but not intimate. I enjoyed exploring his face, like a new toy, I guess he was doing the same with mine; but who knows, maybe the cleavage was too distracting.

Five hours into the wedding, ceremony over, and we’ve reached peak alcohol at the party. I’m just observing him make his way back from chatting to the groom when I see something odd on his face; he had half a beard shaved. I mean, his face was clean shaved on the left cheek, and a full beard on the right, all the way to the centre of his nose, so also, half a moustache -a halfstache.

He’d had an imaginary beard for hours, and suddenly it had gone. So if I’m capable of filling in a mans beard without even knowing it, what other imaginary elements am I surrounded by, that I just can’t differ from “reality”?

Everything exists in the imagination, and when the World doesn’t make any sense, we just make it up, so it makes sense in the parametres we’ve created. In my case, I filled the blank with a beard.

P.D: I asked around, asked people if they’d noticed anything particular about this fella… Nobody could see it, however the party was split between those that thought he had a beard, and those that thought he had a goatee.


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