Distant, The Thirty Sex.

Distant, the daily prompt.

Do you ever feel like your body has woken up, and left you behind?

I do.

There’s mornings when I open my eyes, and I feel like I’m hundreds of metres away from my eyes. Like I can see what is going on, but I’m just miles away. The film Get Out, by Jordan Peele does an excellent portrayal of that feeling, although he uses it to represent someone being hypnotised.

It’s as if the World happened around you, but not to you. It’s as if you noticed that nothing around you is real, and you’re comfortable in the black cocoon of space that’s in your head.

I always wondered if anyone ever felt this way, but now I know. Peele may have been thinking about hypnosis, but I know he’s seen the same thing I’ve seen. And suddenly, it’s not so scary anymore.

That’s the power of film, to connect us, to show us other ways of seeing the World, and if we’re lucky, to see that someone else sees the World just the way you do.



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