Loop, The Thirty Something

Loop Daily Prompt.

Clean the toy.

Find the lube.

Go to pee.

Forget the lube in the bathroom.

Get the lube.

Lock the door.

Close the curtain.

Put the phone on silence, but still on vibrate.

Play music, anything with a slow deep base will do.

Slip my underwear off.

Lie on the bed.

Grab the corner of the pillow.

Spit on the corner of the pillow.

Place it deep between my legs.

Lie on my chest.

Move over the pillow with vigor.

Press the pillow deep and hard between my thighs.

More vigor.

Pant with reservation.

Fumble for the toy.

Turn it on.

It’s vibration mimiks my phones, and a sudden burst of anxiety washes over me, but it’s soon gone. The funny thing is that I also get slightly aroused when I feel my phone vibrate in my back jean pocket.

Leave the toy on the bed, vibrating.

Grab the lube.

Open the lube.

Pour lube between my cheeks.

Thrust the pillow with more vigor.

Grab the toy.

Place the toy between my cheeks.

Push the toy deeper.


The vibration goes silent. But it’s still vibrating.

Leave the toy in place.

Spin onto my back.

Drop the pillow.

Stick three fingers deep between my lips.

Thrust vigorously up and down.

Up and down, faster.


Feel all the blood in your body vibrate with pleasure and anticipation.

“Mommy!! Mommy!!”

Ignore the child’s plea.

Focus on the sensation and the build up.


“MOMMY!!! Why is your door closed?! Mommy, I had a nightmare…”

Pull the toy out of your cheeks.

Hide the toy and the lube, under the pillow – the other pillow.

Throw The Pillow to the other side of the bed.

“Ohh… You had a nightmare did you?”

Clean your hands with the wet wipes.

Put your panties on.

“Mommy!!! Open the door!”

“Coming, just give me a second”

But I never did come, did I? You little shit.



And thus, the inevitable loop of being a Mother will continue to come round and round.



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