Partner, The Thirty Pine.

Partner The Daily Prompt.

The only true partner we can have is ourselves.

The only one we can truly trust is within us. There’s no God, no other person that can accomplish what we can within… In fact, without that partner, nothing is possible.

We can build the World up, and learn how to destroy it, only if we are in touch with ourselves…

And, well, we’re all in the same pot on that one, and we’re all one of the same… We all believe we’re the centre of the fucking planet, and in a way, we’re right…. We’re all just one big dramatic show… There’s no partner in the world that doesn’t function on the recognition of familial traits in the other, either by their dominating presence, or their gratifying absence. We search in a partner, just another version of ourselves.


One thought on “Partner, The Thirty Pine.

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