Memorize, The Forty hearse

Memorize, the daily prompt.

You wake up one day staring at a ceiling you’ve never seen before, but it sure looks familiar.

You turn around, and on the bed side table, a picture frame; two woman stare back at you, with a smile held longer than necessary for such a lifeless picture.

You reach the bathroom, and you look straight into those eyes…

You need to memorize again who you are, where you want to go, and what you do.

You go over it like a song, or a mantra…

Unbeknown to you, there’s no need to memorize the narrative you play in your head.

Every time you look into that mirror, you have a chance to reinvent, to grow.

But growth comes more from the unknown, than from the pointless repetition of a story, you don’t even fully believe.

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