Sympathy, The Forty Tread-lightly.

Sympathy, daily prompt.


A few nights ago, while riding my e-bike home, I was nearly run over by a man driving a taxi (note how I don’t call him a taxi driver, the same as I would not call an ISIS member a Muslim).  I chased him, like a dog chasing a car, not too sure what to do if ever I managed to bite the spinning wheel, and in my case, to reach the drivers face.

But I did catch up to him, and I did force his window down, and I did terrorize him with the row of 14 LED lights flashing from my bike helmet…

I shouted at him, as he recoiled further into his car, “You’re in a car! I’m on a bike! You could have killed me! Get out of the car and lets deal with this person to person!” Again, not too sure what I would have done if he had gotten out. But just as I was trying to pull him through the small opening of his window, another driver walked toward us.

I looked up, raised my other hand, made a fist, and waved my arm in the air as I shouted “You want some too? I’ve got a spare hand here!” And that’s when it hit me, the absolute ridiculousness of it all. And I giggled -which in all fairness must have scared the shit out of the man driving the taxi, and it sure stopped the other guy in his tracks.

I giggled, and then I laughed, and then thought it would be appropriate to lean into the car, let go of the man’s face, blow him a kiss, and say “Fuck you very much, sir” and rode away.

The remaining two blocks home were a combination of trembling and smiling…

We are what we put out, and sometimes we’re lucky enough to change course.




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