Flavorful, The Forty Mix.

Flavorful, the daily prompt.

Ahhh, Daily Prompt… You’re always so on point.

I went to a Mexican restaurant today called “El Cholo”. The plates had more colours than a double rainbow, and each colour various flavours.

Halfway through my burrito, I asked for more hot sauce. They brought me the same one they had initially,

– “No. Not this one, something actually spicy”

I could see in how the waitress glared at me, that I’d been offensive in my manner, it happens sometimes. I’ve been told that I have no table manners, no bed manners either, but that’s for another post.

She brings me the sauce. She warns me: “Please be aware, this is very spicy and it can damage you”.

I guess that’s something that the State of California requires when you serve a corrosive product in a restaurant.

I put a bit on a nacho. I swirl it around my mouth; nothing.

I get more, this time a put a spoon full, it drips off the Nacho, I put it in my mouth.


Fuck this, I get the entire container and pour it onto my burrito. I catch my waitresses’ eye, she looks at me as if I’m crazy, but I just keep staring at her as the last drops of sauce burn a hole into my plate.

I eat the flavourless freaking burrito… But on the bright side, my nose did clear momentarily. I guess I should stick with Wasabi for nights like this one…



I do NOT recommend to eat such amounts of hot sauce. It’s not burning your mouth you need to be afraid of, it’s once it has gone through your system. I call it, the salsa’s revenge.



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