Irrelevant, The Fiftieth.

Irrelevant, the daily prompt.


TW: suicide.

We live in a simulation and all you do is completely irrelevant to anything and to anyone.

I’m a hundred and five year old transgender female.  Everything I ever fought for is dead. Everything I stood for, is rubble in the dirt. I’m the last transgender to have fought for LGBQT rights. After our stand, the World woke up to equality and freedom of existence, regardless of sex, race, gender, age, capacity.

And it was irrelevant. Yet there we were, fighting for this, and once we had it, we realised it was irrelevant. We’re going to all end up in the same fucking hole, whether we live well, or we don’t. Whether we are kind, or complete assholes. Whether we stand for something, or nothing.

No mater what we do, or who we are, we’re all going to end up a useless waste of space.

So why bother? If it’s all so freaking irrelevant, why wake up in the morning? Why keep on living? Why not commit mass suicide, and let the animals (who seem to have figured out what’s unreachable for us) roam the lands freely. Let the plants take over our living rooms, and the trees our streets.

Because living is not about us. It’s not about you. It’s not in your hands to choose what to do with this gift, as it was out of your hands to be born in the first place.

You’re a singularity. It’s true that it makes no difference anywhere in the World what you do, or stop doing. If we were all to die right now, nothing would change.

I’m really trying to be positive. I’m trying all the tricks I know. I’m inventing characters, I’m yearning for some sort of escape, but as much as I try to stop being a nihilist, I just can’t.

Luckily for me, tomorrow will come soon enough, and this too shall pass, and I’ll expect magic from the World, and I’ll give magic in return.

But today… Today can go sit in syrup -and that’s OK.


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