Pamper, The Fifty Hertz

Pamper, the daily prompt.

Welcome, welcome!!

Welcome to Generation Pamper.

The only generation which has other generations saying it’s not their fault that they’re so screwed up.

Well, I’m a freaking millennial.  And I had it easy. And now, because I had it easy, real life seems bloody impossible. Because I got coddled as a child, understood as a teen, and was allowed to roam free before I went to Uni, so I could “find my self”; I’m now pretty ill prepared for the World.

It’s not my parents fault, it’s not the education systems fault (well, maybe partially theirs), it’s not the economy’s fault.

It’s ours. Until we own our weight in this; we’ll be weak, and we’ll be submissive to anyone willing to take hold of our leash.

Enough of this shit.

I’m lazy, and I’m a fuck up, and it’s NOT OK. I’m going to work harder than yesterday to overcome this. And I’m aware I’ll fail. Many times. But I’m not going to stop grinding forward. It doesn’t matter if I’m the weaker sex. I’m going to respect the privileges I do have, and make the best of them. And when I’m done? I’m going to help those around me. And when I’m done with them? I’m going to help those who are further away.

Rant over. I’m just too tired to deal with the pampering all around. It’s as if we want to fall in love, with a guarantee we won’t get hurt.


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