Parasite, The Fifty Second

Planet, the daily prompt.

It takes steel to withstand your torment,

the kind that bubbles up inside my gut.

I listen to your humid breath, race across my flesh,

I close my eyes to see stars dying alone in darkness,

You lift your finger, the pendulum swings,

My tears dried before they leave my cheek,

my skin has cracks over cracks,

wrinkles full of dinamite.

My pupils are dead souls who refuse to leave. But I’m yours, and you’re undoubtedly mine.

You say you love me so much that you keep me indoors, afraid someone might steal me away from you, and then… Then you’ll have no home or heart  left.

You look after me by giving me your crumbs, and the toxic waste spewed from you mouth. You look after me, by taking all from me.

And I’m thankful, I didn’t need it anyway, I can still breath with one lung. Take it, if it’s what you need…

You respect me because you tell me I’m your only one, I know this is true, you’re not capable of going with others. At least not yet, but what happens when I grow old? Or I can no longer satisfy your thirst, or feed you how you deserve? Will you abandon me then? Leave me to be swallowed by the black hole of loneliness?

I know I’m yours, and I know you’re mine too, you “Planetarial” parasite.

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