Coincidence, as always.

Coincidence, the daily prompt.

The most common definition being: a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.

The most important word from this entire definition is apparent. Coincidences happen all the time around us, every second of every day we’re flooded with them. Which ones make it to our conscious thought? The ones we’re looking for. 

There’s no magic person in space making sure we get the messages they send to us.  (Well maybe, if it turns out to be true that we indeed do live in a simulation).  Point being, the word coincidence needs a facelift. The definition no longer works for me. It should just be “focused incident”. Anything around us that has our attention, will come with a bunch of coincidences to back it.

The problem comes from ruling your life, or your mood on the existence, or absence of these coincidences.

I once knew a person who would kiss the floor and hop on one foot every time he wanted to utter the word coincidence. He thought it would make them happen again. He got run over by a bus while doing his ritual.

Coincidence? Or just Darwinism at its best?




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