Simmer Down… SIMMER DOWN!!

Simmer, the daily prompt.

It’s never enough to just wake up and go to work, one has to make the effort of smiling and being polite to those strangers around you, and one has to be corteous -less you were to offend someone with your apathy and lack of enthusiasm for the day ahead.

Well sorry if this doesn’t work for you… How about we simmer down the positivity for today? Can we live in my World for a day? No? What about a few hours? It will be good for you. It will remind you why you love living in this cotton candy bubble of yours. I know you enjoy your world Unpopped. Sorry to be the prick.

So let’s use this funny oxymoron, and simmer down the positivity. Relax for a second, and come to my reality. I ain’t saying it’s better. In fact, it most likely is worse. But worse isn’t always something I avoid.

I try to simmer down my view of the World and be the woman that’s expected from me…. But indeed, I don’t have time for this shit.

My fire is yearning for me to rise and boil up. Simmering will be left for the complacent. Mainly white cis men, who believe the status quo is perfect in the same way that I could think there’s no World hunger because I had breakfast this morning.

I want to stop dreaming of a World where I’m not expected to simmer down, and dream of other things… Our minds are trapped in this search for equality, leaving no space for more. So simmer down, men… I’m coming in full force for you all.



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