Delicious, Fowl Gamete.

Egg, the daily prompt.

Sometimes when you look outside, at that big World filled with possibilities and life-threatening experiences, one can’t help to wonder that it’s a miracle we manage to make it one day out there alive without blowing our minds (in every form of speech).

On the one hand, we’re told the World is our oyster, where we can achieve anything if we put our minds to it… On the other, anything from a drunk driver, to a free hanging plant pot, can end our dreams and our well-put-mind in an instance.

I rather live in an egg. Eggs have a purpose. And a definite ending. Eggs are completely unaware of whats going on outside of their little bubble. I don’t envy HumptyDumpty… He had the worsed of both Worlds. I rather not be able to look outwards -it freaks me out too much.

People have no idea what they want. They say one thing, feel another. Do one thing, while dreading the outcome. We’re a freaking mess. But eggs…. Eggs are simple and organised and safe. At least they give the illusion of safety.

So if you’re looking for me, I’ve checked out. I’m going to hide inside my egg, and allow the illusion of safety keep me sane for another day.

Tomorrow will tell if I break the shell, or just keep bathing in this white bath.



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