You can’t have mercy on me.

Mercy, the daily prompt.

You know you’ve screwed up well, you made a mistake and now it’s time to tell. Or maybe hide for the rest of your life… It’s up to you to decide which way is right.

But nevertheless, time to make a decision is shortly going to be out of your hand, and into the one of the one that can harm you…

So I guess what we should be looking for is not a life where we don’t sin, but rather, a life where nobody has the authority to punish or forgive us. We should be the sole entity with this power, no government no equal should have this capacity… It makes life a lot harder when you have to self-flagellate yourself, rather than have it expedited by a ‘higher’ power.

Unless you end up as a politician in which case you should bank on the fact that someone down the line will show mercy to you, just because they want to show and exercise such power.


I’ve been wondering for a few days what it is that I want to say, and maybe it’s just this:

Never wander alone into the unknown, you’ll never know if it was you, or someone else who came out the other side… completely rubbish has been written here but in the spirit of not deleting anything I write… Here goe’s a pile of shit.



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