Dominant, We Stand Strong.

Dominant, the daily prompt.

There’s only one place where I want you to dominate me, and even then, it’s just a show… For I’ve given you the power, granted you the satisfaction to dominate me. I’ve consented, and therefore I’ve given. And therefore I own the moment, you’re just a pawn in my bed. Just like Cleopatra would hand power to her men, and grant them the illusion of control, I hand you the dream of being my master.

I dominate you in every step of the way, you may smack me, spit on me, penetrate me…. but ultimately, you do what I’ve asked for, you dance to my tune, and I just pretend to beg for mercy, when all I want is for it to never stop. ahhh… If only you dared hold the choke for just a little bit more.

The stronger the beast (this would be you), the more dominant I feel; the harder you go, the more power I reel.

Behind closed doors is the only place I’ll allow you to dominate me, to tell me what to do, to tell me how to act…

You do not have consent to tell me what to do with my body outside of the privacy of my sexuality.

People are confused, they think that dominant is a male word, reserved for alpha males and silverback gorillas.

We are the dominants! We possess the power of life-bearing. We are closer to the Gods than men can ever dream of being. We are creators of life, while they’re creators of things and destroyers of all the rest.

I dream of a day when all these words carry no weight because the World found the balance between sexes, races, and every other distinction that oppresses minorities across our cultures.

Until this day arrives, I’m going to make sure we stand proud, strong and united.

We are dominants, merciful and unforgiving… all in one.


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