Trill, I cannot.

Trill, the daily prompt.

It’s hard growing up in a Hispanic household and not being able to trill my ‘r’.

It’s like being Italian and allergic to gluten. You become an outcast. The family running joke. The default to any bashing. ‘Cause you have no idea how many day to day words have a rolled ‘r’ in them until it’s a sound you’re not capable of producing.

They’ve tried teaching me every trick in the book, and we’ve come to the conclusion that my tongue is just too damn slow to make it sound right.

It comes with its benefits. My vocabulary is more extensive than all my families combined- I’m now at a stage where I’ve found a good substitute for every word imaginable where the trlling ‘r’ needs to be present. I’m not always understood, but now I’m rarely mocked.

Funny how my biggest fear led me to my largest joy… I started reading the dictionary to avoid certain words, and now writing is my passion and dream.

So thank you, assholes, for better or for worse, you’ve made me.



4 thoughts on “Trill, I cannot.

    • the Positivist’s paradox… We seek the silver lining in all because it gives us the best outlook on the World. It also blinds us from seeing when we should get out of the mess.
      Thank you for your comment!

  1. We assholes say, “You’re welcome!”

    Lol…The Sicilian side of my family used to tell this joke: “Did you hear about the Italian guy with the speech impediment? He was born with only one arm.” I guess every culture has their identifying mannerisms 🙂

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