I have an Inkling that you love ‘not me’.

Inkling, the daily prompt.

I could be wrong, I’ve be known to be wrong before… But it’s a rare occuring, like an unscheduled eclipse. It happens.

I researched you on facebook. Yes, I have an account, and we’re friends. It’s just not me my name, or my face (neither is it my body).  I know this may seem creepy, but believe me, its safer this way. I need to know that you are who you say you are, and this way, I can truly see…I can trust you.

It’s kind of sweet how you used the same pick up lines on me, twice. Funny thing is, they worked both times.

So as I scrolled through your messages, and sent you unsolicited nudes, I know you like them (you never asked me to stop), you’ve commented on my bikini picture. It was the only picture of ‘me’ you commented on… This did have consequences in the real world.

You never quite understood why I never went to the beach with you. How could I? I don’t have the body of the girl I impersonated. I knew what you liked and I just didn’t have it. But it’s ok, cause I know this, and I’m correcting it. #gymlifeforever.

So I know, that even though you say you don’t know me, and you don’t want anything to do with me, I have an inkling that you’re lying. And I’ve formulated a plan to make you happy.

I want you to leave me. The real me. I want you to fall in love with who I aspire to be. It’s what you deserve, and I just need time to get there. My virtual persona is perfect, she’s all I want, and if I’ve been able to manifest her online, it shouldn’t be so dificult to make myself fit.

I trust you because I flirted heavily online with you, and you never cheated on me with virtual me. I trust you because you didn’t fall for my lies, and my traps.

I trust you because you’re genuine, and I have made sure, crosschecked and been satisfied with my findings.

So I’m going to take this inkling of love, and make it into something real.


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