You are my ‘stifle’

Stifle, the daily prompt.

Every time I see you, I catch myself holding my breath. The air stifled with indescribable emotions.

I’m not equipped with the adequate emotional tools to manage how you make me feel. So I stifle them. I stifle myself and try not to show you how uncomfortable you make me; In the best kind of way.

I’m generally not insecure (only in public places, when I speak to strangers, when I’m waiting for anyone, and when I need to order at restaurants…) but around you, I’m just a hopeless mess. A mess blue in the face because no air’s reaching my senses; and red, hot, bubbling desire oozing from my chest.

I take great pleasure in breaking down into swallowable sizing all the feelings you ignite in me. Like dry bush in a bonfire. If only I dared to serve them to you. What emotions? Which feelings?

I’ve reached a point where I do not label them -I know it’s useless, I’m never accurate enough or diligent enough with my descriptions to represent them in absolute light. I’m like the Shadows in Plato’s cave.

But then… Then I observe you, from 30’000 feet away. With a magical telescope. And I can see your cells trembling. You tremble with nerves; I can hear it in your deep voice, and in the vibrating redness of your cheeks… And suddenly, just like that, you became human.



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