The heads Cavity paradox.

Cavity, the daily prompt.

We spend our lives filling the space between our ears with thoughts, and memories, and once we’re dead… There’s nothing left but a cavity which serves as a temporary temple for maggots, upheld by 32 miniature ceramic sculptures.

We are born with a stillness and an emptiness… We spend our lives labouring to keep the cavity empty, ‘still your mind, empty yourself from thoughts, let go of your emotions, own your memories and free yourself from them…’ it’s just a never-ending process of emptying… Until you get Alzheimer… and then it’s the freaking opposite.

The point is to want what we don’t have, to discard what we own… To be in a perpetual state of chasing and running away.

The movement from one to the other is our life passing by, the cavity never truly empty of what it doesn’t need, and the thing is that we’re designed to yearn for an impossible.

Our brains, fill a temporary cavity and we try to keep it empty, rather than take advantage of this fantastic machine we have and consider precious only what truly matters. All else should be dropped.

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