Premonition Man.

Premonition, the daily prompt.

We’ve allowed our negative outlook on the World to give this word a bad rep. Ok, maybe it’s only me and my negativity. Point is, premonition is a strong feeling that something bad is going to happen.

And I hate it, cause if you’re anything like me, you’re worrying about everything, all the time.

Will that car jump the stop sign, is there plant pots hanging from this balcony, are they loose, will they drop as I move underneath because I’m trying to avoid the guy who’s clearly high in that car, and could potentially jump the curve, hit the bus stop, and trap me between the bumber and the dustbin (garbage container for you lot).

Yes, worrying is an art form which controls me. So I’m constantly living in a premonition -it’s only natural I’d occasionally predict the future… But little did the people know, that I’d been evaluating every single outcome. I just didn’t voice them all.

Then something happened, something chilling. I imagined I dropped a flower, and what she pikced up was a part of her safe.



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