Come here, or not…

Vague, the daily prompt.

“I kind of like you, you know?”

“Really? LIke, in what way?”

“oh… you know, in that way”

I giggle

“No, no I don’t know… In what way? Tell me.”

“Oh, you so pushy.” he says as his smile makes me forget what time of the day it is, and his hand brushing my hair off my face eclipses any judgement.

So I come in for the kiss, and he comes a little closer, I can smell the cilantro from his guacamole, his hand lightly caresses my face on its way down.

My hearts racing it’s way out of my chest in tiny diamond shaped pieces running through every one of my veins-

I move closer, he moves closer, his hand on my shoulder and he…

He pushes me away?!

“Oh!” I say silently,

“You don’t like me like that?”

“Maybe I do…” As he leans in.

” Maybe I …. Don’t” As he leans out.

“Well I’m done with your mistery and softboi crap… Go fly a kite, and let me know when you can decide.” Is exactly what I wanted to say, but instead lingered, and wet my lips, and urged him in with every ounce of me, until I saw it…. That smile, the smurk of power, and it was the fastest flash drought you’ve ever seen. Every inch of me dried up so much my eyes became prunes.

Boi, Bye.


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