Cur Is Man’s Bitch

Cur, the daily prompt.

What is it with the words collecting power across the years and nations to favour one and deceit the other?

There’s something about the power of words, you call a man a cur, and he’ll probably have to look it up, you call a woman a Bitch, and you’re in for some trouble (or should be).

Violence is the reaction to something else, it is never the answer to our challenges. But the violence that can arise from some words only seems to affect the oppressed. Why is it that this word, ‘cur’ means nothing to men? Why is it that only Woman will feel attacked (because they are) when the word ‘Bitch’ is used. Which isn’t as derogative (literally, not socially) as ‘cur’ maybe?

I think cur should have a comeback, and one with full force, as I think of repossessing the word ‘Bitch’. Which quite frankly, whenever it’s used, it’s to compliment.

“you’re such a bitch, why don’t you call him back?” – because I’m the owner of my time, and I owe him nothing.

as an example of many scenarios where being called a ‘bitch’ is a hidden compliment.

In any case, this is about curs, and their disfigured body that allows them to walk on two feet but are still run by the primal needs of a dog, minus the cuteness and ever giving, unconditional love.


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