Complication, My Imagination

Complication, the daily prompt.

I listen to his voice… It shatters me.

“Take the boy outside, I don’t want him to see what’s going to happen now.”

“Why? This is the way of the World, and one day, he’ll have a wife too, and he’ll need to know what is the right way to treat her when things…”

“when things, what?”

“When you forget your place.”

“You pig, you’re not fucking me, and I’m out of place?!”

“If you serviced me how a wife should, I wouldn’t need to find it elsewhere.”

“What are you? a man or a car? You don’t need servicing; if it’s not enough maybe use your hand-

or maybe think of someone else while you fuck me.”

“in whom would I think? In God?”

“No, in me! In my pleasure! I want to feel loved, I want to feel desired, and I want to feel useful! You give me this, and I’ll give you all the pleasure in the World.”

“I don’t need to give you any of that, your obligations are clear and sacred, and I’ll make sure you carry them out.”

There’s only so much a person can take before she breaks; before she ends up in the ditch of some home, serving food, and keeping her head low. That, or she ends up fighting and growling and silenced by the rumbling beasts that stampede her vagina day in, and night in even more -there’s just no refuge, no way out, they’re sold like trading stocks, used like ashtrays. while I live comfortably in this room made of dreams, and this shield called masculinity.

I wake up to the silence of my brothers, I take it as their approval. Cause we’ve reached the point that if you don’t condemn, you condone, and so I can’t stand with you anymore. The complications of this World, that spins so fast our moral compass ends in shambles, have reached a point where white is a title and black is a death sentence. So please just let me get my bearings straight… And simply figure out, that one can love without self-hate, and nothing is owed to us, for heavens sake!


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