Famous, I’m Fucked.

I was chilling on a bench with my friends, smoking a joint and enjoying the Sun after being under the covers and under the shower for 5 days. Have you ever done that? Spent 5 days, or a week without speaking to another living soul? Just staying home, eating whatever’s left and getting takeout when it’s done…?

So I’m high in many ways, and this woman comes by, I wouldn’t have noticed her had it not been for the fact that she was circling around us, like a shark.

-“Hey, whats up?” I let out louder than intended.

-“Oh, hey, I was wondering if you’d be interested in making a movie with me?” she responds.

Her approach was soo off, and her energy was so shady, I thought she wanted me to make a porno -which I wasn’t against so long as I could choose my partner.

She explained the concept and I accepted. The movie was a huge hit in the indie market and now any country I go to, I get asked for pictures. Which is odd, like do they even know I’m human? What do they do with that picture? What’s it for? To show that they were in the same space as me to their friends? That we breathe the same air? We already do that, and I’m no different from you, my shits still smells like shit, and not like roses.

Got to say though… The best perk of being famous is the amount of ‘free’ shit I get to own. The more money I have, the less I spend.

Famous, the daily prompt.

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