Fashionably Broken

To be careless with the word ‘broken’ 

sure carries a mental toll 

thrown around like a dirty token, 

worth less than a bag of coal. 

its kind of like a wildcard used to get out of going to the gym,

or taking any responsibility for the mess you’re in.

Abusing its use, without adequate context, creates distrust in the word, and in those who may truly need it. The word loses it’s meaning, and those that need to define their state by it are left hanging, like a broken lightbulb from the ceiling.

So we’re no longer broken, we’re… depressed, or anxious, or hyperactive, or scared of crowds and empty streets… There’s just too many words to heal from, and not enough time to retreat.

Whatever the case may be, let me be broken so I can find a way back to just being me.

Broken, the daily prompt.

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