Miraculous, the daily prompt.

A toddler sinks to the bottom of a pool. Saved. Unharmed -albeit a life phobia to large bodies of water.

A dog finds a skier in an avalanche. Saved before they froze to death.

An asteroid passes close enough to Earth for us to admire its beauty, but not so close that it destroys us. Saved by Lady Luck.

A bomb dropped but not detonated.

A total right-off car crash and all passengers unscathed.

Looking into your eyes, and feeling your love. woops… sorry, I’m in love, and can’t get them out of my mind… back to tragic miraculous acts.

Praying and believing, and receiving.

Men and Woman treated as equal, should not be on this list. But it is.

People not dying of hunger shouldn’t be on this list, but it is.

People not killed because of their sexual orientation should not be on this list.

Racial, religious and political violence between us should not be on this list.

If we could all just believe that we’re miracles, and every day we live, is miraculous, then maybe, we could spread this love, this unity, and enjoy our differences, rather than fear them.

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