Brood Mood

Brood mood son,

it’s not what you do with your time, it’s how it’s perceived by the ones around you. Your time ain’t valuable, the appearance of work, costs more than working itself, because people pay you on their perception of you, and not on the result. You think I’m kidding, tell me what all those influencers have done, and why they’ve made the money they’ve made? It’s about the perception of work, rather than work itself.

So brood mood,

Let it go smooth,

I’m sailing away in my sloop,

waiting for the right kind of coup.

when walls fall,

and passports are pass-alls

and we cross borders

playing hop-scotch.

Brood mood,

I’m in a dark place.

But when I think of this,

It give me some mental space.

I’m not gonna brood

lets leave that to the flocks,

I’m gonna rise to the struggle, and

let booze

take care of the days that become too long,

and weed

of the days that are just too short…

Love you.


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