Hi Stranger!

I’m Sarah, 28, IT specialist. Yes, I do see the light of day. No, I can’t fix your laptop.

I moved here four years ago and not looking for anything in particular; I merely want to meet people out of my field of work. I’m a bird-momma and hate the sand between my toes although I love going to the beach!”

I’ve delivered countless variations of the above statement. I’ve done it online, in bars, on bars, restaurants, traffic lights, on a hike, at the doctors’ office… You name it, I’ve probably introduced myself to someone(s) there.

Why? I’m a lovable person! I enjoy meeting new people and the thrill I get from it.

Ok, ok… You want honesty? It’s because if I don’t have the appraisal of someone (anyone) every few hours, I believe I’ll wither away and disappear! And all that will be left of me are ashes!

But I’m tired of it now… I’m tired of revealing just glimpses of myself and seeing barely glimpses in return. I’m tired of creating short-lived glimpse-ships. They take a lot and give nothing. They demand in a passive-aggressive way and offer in no way whatsoever.

I’m done with them. I’m done with me wanting them. I’m done with the shallow automated conversations that only lead to me feeling wanted and alone, desired and inaccessible, connected and asleep.

I want there to be glimpses of passion, so I can remain curious. I want there to be glimpses of love, so I can feel alive. I don’t want to be a glimpse in someone else’s story. Next person I meet isn’t going to get my one-line resumè. They’re gonna get raw, unadulterated me, in that moment. And hopefully, love myself more as I move from glimpseships to friendships.



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