One Layer Too Many

I crumbled before I grew.

I grew before I fell.

I fell before I flew.

I flew & created you.


I was alone before the thought of you.

I thought and therefore you became.

But as all in life, you took your own path.

– a selfdestructive layer,

poisoning all of nature.


While I remained vigilant

the Universe became impotent.

There’s no end to your derailing thoughts,

It’s like quick sand for the soul.

You grip me and leave me stranded,

like a vultures banquet.


There’s ice in my eyes – I can’t feel the snow.

can you?

I’m letting my thoughts go,


I’m breaking ground,


getting closer to the reaper.


I’ve not fallen in love with you.

I’ve crashed and burnt into it.

All my layers are

ash in the wind.

All my prayers are

empty vessels,

– they drift back to me.


How did I live with solitude

as the way?

Even though you’ll leave me soon…

by the end of today?

before the rain?

after the monsoon?

and then?

Who’s to blame?


What’s left behind but words carved on a stone?

We’re a blue dot, the Universe’s capstone.

You’re my creation,

You gave and now you take..

You’re my destruction,

there’s nothing left to spoil…

as you slip through my grasp

like hot coconut oil.


God’s verses on his existential love of humanity.

layer for Fandango’s daily prompt


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