Giggle – a superword

Words carry power; we all know that; as can the absence of them.

However, some words are truly magical. Just like superfoods, how you use them doesn’t diminish their power. Say you were to eat an entire turmeric root, you gonna feel it’s effect whether it’s the whole root on its own or mixed into your favourite smoothie. I highly recommend you don’t try to eat raw turmeric root on its own; my teeth had an orange glow for three days.

Superwords are the same! They don’t care much about context. When you speak a superword, you become the word, and the word becomes you!

If you would humour me for just a second, and say the following ‘sentence’ out loud:

Giggle, giggle, giggle, giggle, and giggle!

Didn’t it tickle the back of your throat, or at the very least put a smile on your face?

Giggle is a superword. Say it enough times in a row, and you’ll end up giggling, especially if done in the company of others.

I wish other words carried such immediate change of state, like empathy, compassion or give-me-my-money!



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