Knit – A Rap Song

I’m at the end of my row,

I’m on the needles

fleeing from evils

and stepping into Flow,


Life sentence ain’t fair,

I’m scared of the chair.

Thought of using a slip knot 

but found myself in your slot


Where you really took the time,

saw decency where others saw

dead man with a broken jaw.


You weaved me in girl

with your tink and purl

I thought I was bind off

But in reality I was cast on


I’m no longer on death row 

I’m reverse shaping my life,

working through the back loop 

just to get a better view.

I used to live by the knife,

that’s all changed thanks to you.


It’s when I knit my first beanie

that I knew you’d saved me.

From mugger and muggie 

to a Continental Yarnie 


I’m no killer on death row,

I’ve been healed by weaving,

used to be front and centre in the mosh pit

Now all I care for is my moss stitch 

You inmates stick to your weights and your hate,

I’m gonna stitch away on my cake,

but when you talk to me,

Address me as Mr. Yarnie!


word of the day challenge Knit

Tales from the mind of Kristian Knit

Inspired by the Women who teach inmates how to knit, and change the lives of those we tend to forget. To them, thank you. 


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