Well-being from my death bed

Compare our life to a glass full of water on top of a table. In this imagery, our actions are the glass defining our limits, our well-being is the calmness and pristineness of the water.
Well-being is overrated. We spend so much time pondering our state that our state becomes that of the ponderer. And we were not built to ponder, but to create. When we are there, in this pathetic state of self-reflection, we are not living. We are hiding from our anxieties by ridiculously trying to control our future by thriving to clear the water just by observing it!

When will you feel that you have well-being? What does it look like and how do you keep it? Is the water clear enough?! Could it be clearer? if you’re constantly searching for it. It will never arrive! You’ll be on an everlasting search for the impossible.
This is why, I’m not searching for my well-being, the same way I’m not searching for my potential. Another paradox of modern times, ” We can be whatever we want.” And “live up to your true potential.”I blame these phrases, harmless on the surface, for the failure to launch of most Millennials.
Do you know how daunting a task it is to try to live up to your full potential when you think the sky’s the limit? When you’re a newbie in life (do we ever stop being?), you sway between ideas; split between different passions that pull you in opposite directions.

The glass of water that is your life, scattered across the room. The glass is now empty on the table and there are water particles everywhere. Are you still a glass full of water? How can you contribute? Have you created the impact you wanted? No.
The same goes for my well-being. I’m not going to worry about the natural state of the world within me, I’m just going to go on with my day.

I’m not living in blissful ignorance, I’m choosing to live in bliss period. You should do the same and stop whining about your water being murky, and not enough.

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