Error Error Error-free Flight

Tom enters the cockpit. He switches the light off. He’s about to switch the light on again when – 

– Tom! Hey mate! Your zipper’s down. 

Check your zipper. I don’t need to check my zipper, I did that before. Check again check again.

Tom checks his zipper, it’s down! How could he have missed this?

Tom lets the coffee drop out of his hand onto the cabins floor so he can focus on the zipper. He couldn’t care less that he spilt it over his own shoes. It’s about priorities and unfinished business is always top priority. 

It’s up. Good. Hands? Clean? If you need to ask it means you need to clean.

mental note, buy more hand sanitiser, this one is at about three-quarters full.

Clean the hand – You have coffee on your shoe. There’s coffee everywhere. You need to clean the coffee. clean the hand clean the hand.

Ground control is calling. Pick up. Did you clean the head piece? Clean the head piece clean the head piece. Ground control is calling. Pick up pick up!

Good job with ground control. Have they disconnected? Yes? You sure? Check the light check the light check the light.

Tom… Hey Tom!

Huh? Yes? Yes? Yes?

I want to say that I love flying with you. How you triple check everything, I just know it’s going to be safe. You never miss anything!

Thank you Cody, thank you very much, thank you.

Flight is clear for take off, all checks have been done three times over. We’re midflight, everything is peaceful. Tom’s resting for a second. He bolts up! Eyes in anxious panic!

I didn’t switch the lights on and off before entering the cockpit!

Turn on and off all lights. It must be dark then light, then dark then light then dark then

TOM! What the fuck are you doing?! You can’t turn the engines off! Tom! 

Lights out

Plane plunges into darkness

Lights on

Plane lights up but it’s still plunging. Co-pilot’s trying to take control.

Lights out

Plane nose dives beyond critical recovery point.

Lights on

Co-pilot hysterically pulls up to stabilise the plane, he’s pushing Tom out of the way. The ground is swiftly approaching. He’s not succeeding.

Lights out


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