Welcome Cookie

There’s nothing in the World thats more welcoming than the smell of freshly baked cookies, maybe croissants but few out of France know how to make them – it mostly ends in a disappointing sugar-bread mouthful. Cookies is where it’s at. This is why Double Tree greet you with a cookie when you arrive at their hotels; it’s one of the most talked things when it comes to the experience. And from the first moment that they implemented this, the number of complaints dropped, too!

So, what’s your cookie? How do you welcome the World? How do you greet it? How you welcome the World is directly proportionate to how the World greets you in return. It’s not a secret, even though some smart people made a lot of money just by labelling it ‘The Secret™. If you put out shit, you’ll get shit in return.

My cookie’s supreme. It’s like chocolate chip cookie with gooey dough, but still edible. It’s the Royal treatment of welcoming experiences. My cookie to the World is simple and to the point, it’s brutal honesty. No decorations, no fancy sprinkles or macadamia nuts imported from far away islands (stop that shit, save the planet). And if you think this would alienate everyone around me… well, you’d be right. That’s also how I ended up writing blogs. Readers are much more forgiving… I think, I hope, I also can’t tell anyone anything truthful, so there’s that.

Word of the day challenge: welcome

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