Popular and Singular

It’s popular to break from the norm… It’s the ‘it’ thing. We all need to be popular and also unique. How convenient.

So much so that we end up being so original that original becomes boring, and we end up back where we started.

We’re striving to be unique without realising that the key here is ‘divide and conquer’ we’re becoming parties of one, but we all still want to be popular. We want to be unique, and stand out, we want to stand alone, but for all the rest to stand together applauding us on the mountain top. If we all want this, how do we move anything forward?

We can’t make the World become our spotlight, without bathing it in darkness. We need to shine light on ourselves first. Surgical light that allows us to see all our imperfections.

We’re isolated while yearning for everyone to scream our names,

Want me!! But don’t fucking touch me!

Call out my name! But don’t criticise it!

Desire me, but never get to know me.

If we live by the popular dream, we die in isolation.

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